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Daughter of Benik [Prologue]

Planet: Ditté Year: 1589, the tenth year of the dynasty of King Ephesus II Place: Castle of Mer, the oceanic city of Zorr, in the kingdom of Korda.
                Queen Ishi, dressed as a peasant, quickly gave kisses to her triplet children. Princess Enka, the eldest of the three, was handed to the king’s best friend and bodyguard, Lord Bhodar. Prince Illac, the second child and the eldest son, stood with his tutor, Professor Garian. Lastly, Prince Benik, the youngest of the three, was brought to their nurse Merri. Dressed in peasant garbs like their mother, all three children looked at her with fear and sadness. The queen slipped a bracelet on Enka’s wrist; then she gave Illac an emerald ring. Lastly she came to Benik, her youngest, and placed an aquamarine pendant around his neck. The little prince watched the queen move away from him as she gave her last instructions to her servants:                 “I give you my authority in taking these children with you. Leave this place through s…

「あめふり」 ("Amefuri" - a Traditional Japanese Children's Song)


The Three Lives of Lady Bluebeard: Chapter 2