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More art for novel...


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More illustrations (a little faded though...). もっとイラストをたしました。(色が薄いけどね...。)


Character Designs for "Daughter of Benik"

Kazumi Clarice Solomon (before the character was name Airi "Irene" Solomon).

  Douglas Burrows, a rilud (a race of people shorter than humans and have two small stubby horns that were hidden in their hair).

 Merlin "Merl" Fourleaf was a one of Douglas's distant relatives and close friend. He was a physician in the story.

 Philip Goldbrook, son of a innkeeper. He was a skilled flute player.

 William Underoot, grandson of the shire's chieftain.

A scene that does not really exist in the story. Yuli Upperiver on the left and Philip Goldbrook on the right.

Daughter of Benik [Chapter 1 - part 2]

Planet: Earth
                Irene sat under a cherry tree. It was mid-May, the cherry blossoms have long faded leaving nothing but the green leaves in its branches. She stared blankly at the scene around her. This was her favourite place amongst all places. The gentle breeze, the blue sky often patched with fluffy clouds reminded her of her home back in Canada. Tears began to stream down the side of her face as she remembered the wonderful times she had back there. How she missed everyone – her parents, her sister, and her friends. She leaned back against the trees as she recalled another incident that occurred almost last year...                 It was a snowy day in January, the fifteenth of January – her birthday. She was waiting in the public library at downtown for Greg. He told her that he had something to give her. She was waiting for nearly an hour. Still Greg did not come. He was never the type to be this late for a date, she began to be worried. Standing up from the table sh…

Daughter of Benik [Chapter 1 - part 1]

Planet: Earth Year: 1998 A.D. Place: Oume, Tokyo, Japan
                Airi Solomon, or known as “Irene”, sat in her room. It had been four months since she was sent to Japan by her parents. Both of her parents and her older sister, Miho, promised her three months ago that they would join there. Two months ago, it rained heavily on their way to the airport, a driver lost control of his truck and rammed into the family van. Three passengers were in the van, no one survived that accident. A week after the accident, Irene returned to Canada to attend her family’s funeral. After the funeral, Irene’s lawyer gave her the news that it was her parents’ wishes that she would live with one of her relatives. Her father, who was half Jew and half German, once mentioned about visiting Jerusalem and live with her father’s brother’s family there. However, her father remembered that he was dead to his family due to an unsettled argument and decided to not send Irene there. Her mother, who was half Japa…