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Breath of Life (Poem)

It all began with God…God opened the black scroll of the universeHe said one wordLight sparked in darknessLife pulsed in emptinessCreation inhaled and exhaled glorifying GodGod created man and exhaled into himMan inhaled life and exhaled with breath of wonder, praise, joy
Then the fall came…A whisper that started it all“You can be like God, just inhale this suggestionYou could live and breathe without God.”Man inhaled the enticing ideaIts intoxicating scent seeped into himMaking his choiceDeath enteredA severance in trustGod gasped “What happened?” He asked“I didn’t do it,” man gulpedA death in the heart of manGod wept and tells man“You hurt Me, so you cannot stay.” From welcome to expulsionFrom life to death
Mindful of man God made Himself smallBy writing Himself into His storyHe became a ManA character of the story