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One night while Johann was studying, he had a dream.             In his dream, Johann found himself in a dark, dusty room. There was very little light, except for the faint soft light that sifted through window shutters. It was a rather small room that felt even smaller because of bookshelves that surrounded the walls. Oddly, there was no door, just a window with closed shutters. As his eyes adjusted to the dim lighting, something caught his attention. He jumped, for sitting upright just beneath the window was a figure – a skeleton, fully clothed in a black tattered dress with its arms resting on its sides. Its long bony legs stretched in front covered black velvet slippers with pointed toes. Next to the skeleton was a black wide-brimmed pointed hat with a dark coloured stone and a stalk of wheat stuck on it like a feather.             He shuddered at the sight of the skeleton. Although the dark usually did not bother him, he did not like the place he was in. What made it worse was that…