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Diamond for Dwarves - A Jasper Blake Mystery (Part I)

“Give a dwarf an emerald and he will be your father. Give a dwarf a ruby and he will be your brother for life. Give a dwarf a sapphire and he will be your neighbour, But never give a dwarf a diamond, unless you wish grief upon him and bring war upon yourself.” – a dwarven proverb

Jasper Blake was a detective and a human man in Oxen Basin. Though this sounds racist, the reason why he was known as human was due his interactions and workings with dwarves, elves, riluds, and phaelans (what humans know as “fairies”) – mainly those who do not look kindly to humans. In the year of 1667, the city of Oxen Basin (located in the western prairie lands of Nordica) was called Onyx Basin, known by the dwarves for mining in semi-precious stones of agate, jasper, jade, and, after what the town was named after, onyx. Then came the discovery of “dwarves’ aluminum” messrihl, illuminium quartz (a valuable resource for illumination), coal, silver, gold, and potash. After the news of p…