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Diamond for Dwarves - A Jasper Blake Mystery (Part 2)

Chapter 2
I got up very early the next morning just so I would give myself ample time to get ready for my meeting with Jasper. At 8:15, I watched the front gate with an open book in my hand and an eye out for my employer. At 8:30 sharp, he appeared in the same coat and hat, but wearing a cleaner suit than yesterday. Yesterday he wore a brown suit with matching tie that had seen better days. Today he wore another brown suit that was a shade darker and a tie the colour of cornflowers. I could not tell if the suit looked darker because it was clean or if that was its actual colour. “Good morning,” I greeted as I approached the gate. “Good morning, shall we?” As he opened the gate for me, I saw a smile on his lips. He must be having a good morning so far. “I hope I am dressed as a secretary should,” I waved over my green and black checked woolen skirt and jacket. It was the most professional looking set I had in my possession. Jasper nodded. “It will do.” We caught a hansom cab to our off…