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Diamond for Dwarves - A Jasper Blake Mystery (Part 4)

Chapter 6
Jasper opened the door for two short men dressed in suits: dwarves with their stocky builds. One of them wore a suit that was of good quality and had an aura of superiority about him. The other dwarf was about the same height as the first, yet either he was lower in status or played a smaller role, his shoulders were hunched making him smaller than he was. As the visitors were shown their seat on the leather couches, the one in the nicer suit removed his hat and sat down while the other took his place beside the first. “Thank you for coming, Lord Altberg and Mr. Weizberg,” Jasper addressed to the first dwarf. Lord Altberg was very good looking with a trimmed beard complimenting his chiseled face and regal nose; his thick dark hair neatly combed back; his eyes were bright with intelligence, but also held a threatening fire that burned if one stood in his way. The dwarf with the hunched shoulders, Mr. Weizberg, was a balding dwarf with a plump round face that was clean shaven,…

Diamond for Dwarves - A Jasper Blake Mystery (Part 3)

Chapter 4
Jasper and I arrived at the Stahlgrau Haus rather late that evening. Most of the boarders have finished cleaning up their supper dishes, so we said “good night” and left for our rooms. I took a quick bath and after entering today’s events in my ledger, I went to bed. At around two o’clock I woke up to a sound. When I listened I heard nothing else, I was about to go back to sleep when I heard something outside. Quietly, I approached the window and looked down into the back yard where the fence separated the property between the Stahlgrau Haus and the other boarding house behind it. The moon was out that night, giving off an eerie light. A tall figure of a man leaned against a tree located near the fence. He was dressed in his pajamas; the light colour of his hair told me it was Jasper. What is Jasper doing out in the yard this late at night? I wondered as I continued to watch from the window. He moaned with his hand to his head, his body swaying as in pain. He leaned against t…