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Diamond for Dwarves - A Jasper Blake Mystery (Part 6 - Finale)

Chapter 10
I woke up with a dull headache. Then I realized that my body felt funny, in fact, my limbs felt numb, my neck sore, and my eyes grimy. I tried to open my eyes only to find that they were blindfolded. Why am I blindfolded? “Did you wake up, sweetheart?” a feminine voice asked. I tried to pick it up from somewhere. Why did that voice sound familiar? “Well, love, how do ye find yer accomodashuns?” asked another voice, one that belonged to a man this time, but oddly it appeared to be coming from the same location as the first. “Who’s there?” I heard myself ask. “You don’t recognize me?” This time it was Jasper’s voice. “Jasper? What is going on?” I asked, trying to loosen my bonds. “Easy there, sweetheart. Don’t get so excited!” It sounded like Jasper, but…. “Who are you? And why am I blindfolded?” I asked, trying to pin point the voice’s owner. I heard the rustling of materials, shifting of position, footsteps approaching me, a presence, and lastly, the sound of the person’s br…

Diamond for Dwarves - A Jasper Blake Mystery (Part 5)

Chapter 8
“You have a confession?” I echoed. It was not meant to sound like a question. I heard Jasper say something, but I was not sure if I heard him right. He looked down at the cigarette case in his hands momentarily deep in thought. “Is something wrong?” I asked. Finally, he looked at me. “We have a problem.” “All right,” I inquired. “Before I took up the Tiller case, I was working on another case that is completely unrelated – at the time it was not pressing. However,” he gave me a guilty look, “it appears the previous case also demands my attention.” With those words he brought out his notebook. “I want you to finish the Tiller case in my stead.” “What? Now?” I was not sure I was hearing it right. “That would be ideal –” he suggested, but I cut in. “But, this is –” “It is sudden. Yes, I am very aware of that. However, something has come up that I cannot be at two places at once and this is where I would need someone to represent me.” “But this is not good, Jasper. You are my em…