The Coinbearer - Chapter 3

In the middle of the night, Jerna felt her throat parched. Somewhere between wakefulness and sleep, she tried to swallow. She got up, seeing only darkness, she felt around for her pack in search of her water skin. A hand grabbed her wrist. She froze. “What are you looking for?” asked a gentle voice. Jerna realized that her rescuer was still there. “My water,” her voice raspy with thirst. He fell silent for a moment. “You lost your water in the lake.” “What time is it?” She wondered how long she had slept as unease crept within her. “It’s morning, can you not see the sun?” Jerna did not know if she had heard him right. “What did you just say?” “I said, it’s morning.” She waved her hand in front of her face, then, looked about her. Nothing. She could not see. She covered her mouth as she felt a lump form in her throat. Why? How did this happen? What about the cure? “Jerna, do you want some water?” he asked quietly. Suddenly, she felt him envelope her with his body. Something pounded in the ground…

The Coinbearer - Chapter 2

Jerna had a dream. She was very small and her grandmother was still alive. They were sitting near the fire. “When the chief god left his people, they thought that he had left them to die. Because of this, they felt that there was no purpose to live. They also believe that the chief god sent the disease as punishment. So, in hope to appease him sacrifices were made by letting animals run into the desert. However, there was another story that was not known to many people.” Just when her grandmother was about to give the second story, Jerna woke up. She closed her hand over the coin around her neck. It felt heavier than it usually was. She sat up and looked at her surroundings. She remembered that she was in a cave she had found just outside the desert the night before. She opened her pack for some breakfast. She ate chewing each small bite carefully so she could taste every last morsel. She took a sip of water from her water skin. For a moment, she stared at the ground before her. Without …

The Coinbearer - Chapter 1

Jerna panted as she dragged her injured leg across the desert sand. A few more paces, she told herself, a few more paces and there will be shelter. From under her hood she peered at the cracked cistern located about five meters away. The desert sky stretched above her grey with promises of a sandstorm. Using her staff to pull her closer to her destination, Jerna tried to ignore her throbbing foot. Wind began to pick up sand as she concentrated on the cistern. Finally reaching the cistern, she peered inside to see if any desert creatures had fallen in. Seeing none, she produced a rope from her pack and securely tied one end around a metal support that protruded from the cistern wall. With great caution, she lowered herself into the cistern and waited for the storm to pass. In the dim light, Jerna examined the wound on her ankle. The skin was torn and broken from one of the briers. Although the wound was not contaminated, she wondered why there was so much pain. Opening her water skin, sh…

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Diamond for Dwarves - A Jasper Blake Mystery (Part 6 - Finale)

Chapter 10
I woke up with a dull headache. Then I realized that my body felt funny, in fact, my limbs felt numb, my neck sore, and my eyes grimy. I tried to open my eyes only to find that they were blindfolded. Why am I blindfolded? “Did you wake up, sweetheart?” a feminine voice asked. I tried to pick it up from somewhere. Why did that voice sound familiar? “Well, love, how do ye find yer accomodashuns?” asked another voice, one that belonged to a man this time, but oddly it appeared to be coming from the same location as the first. “Who’s there?” I heard myself ask. “You don’t recognize me?” This time it was Jasper’s voice. “Jasper? What is going on?” I asked, trying to loosen my bonds. “Easy there, sweetheart. Don’t get so excited!” It sounded like Jasper, but…. “Who are you? And why am I blindfolded?” I asked, trying to pin point the voice’s owner. I heard the rustling of materials, shifting of position, footsteps approaching me, a presence, and lastly, the sound of the person’s br…